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close-up picture of a telehealth button for Lillac Counseling in Alaska

LCS; counselors encourage clients to actively participate in therapy. Clients:

  • can request and manage appointments.

  • co-author their treatment plans. 

  • participate in the development of their safety plans.

  • discuss treatment progress with their counselor every 90 days.

Lillac Counseling Services, LLC (LCS;) is your online counseling choice in Indiana and Alaska, providing accessible, person-centered services to individuals (ages 18+) from the comfort of their homes. LCS; is dedicated to ensuring that all Alaskans and Hoosiers can access quality mental health services.

You'll find the hassle of transportation eliminated, as LCS; offers all services online. You can log into your secure patient portal to join counseling sessions, complete paperwork, and manage your account. With internet access and a computer, tablet, or phone device, you can engage in counseling with LCS;.

LCS; accepts various payment methods, including Alaska Medicaid, Medicare Part B, Indiana Medicaid (MDWise), and Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield. If you're uncertain about your insurance coverage, contacting your insurance carrier is advisable. LCS; will collaborate with you and your insurance carrier to minimize out-of-pocket expenses.

For those without insurance, LCS; makes self-pay straightforward, offering negotiated and reduced rates for clients seen by supervised graduate school interns. is a teaching practice where graduate-level student counselors work with licensed mental health professionals. Students may observe or co-treat in sessions with your consent, gaining hands-on experience. These student counselors actively contribute to your treatment under the guidance of their LCS; licensed supervisor, and school faculty.

At LCS;, counselors are committed to unconditional positive regard, accepting you wherever you are in your healing journey, without judgment. The team will offer recommendations or referrals if LCS; cannot provide the necessary services or accommodate specific barriers.

The LCS; team is culturally aware and committed to ongoing personal and professional growth. They respect and work with individuals from diverse backgrounds, acknowledging their limitations in understanding and striving to deepen their comprehension of different cultures and client needs.

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