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close-up picture of a telehealth button for Lillac Counseling in Alaska

LCS; counselors encourage clients to actively participate in therapy. Clients:

  • can request and manage appointments.

  • co-author their treatment plans. 

  • participate in the development of their safety plans.

  • discuss treatment progress with their counselor every 90 days.

Lillac Counseling Services, LLC (LCS;) is an online counseling practice based in Alaska. Our mission is to deliver accessible, person-centered counseling to individuals (ages 18+) from the comfort and convenience of their homes. At LCS; we believe all Alaskans and Hoosiers have a right to access mental health services.


We eliminate the barrier of transportation by providing all services online. Clients log into their secure patient portal to participate in counseling sessions. The patient portal is also where clients complete paperwork and pay for services. As long as clients have access to the internet and a computer, tablet, or phone, they can participate in counseling with LCS;. 


At LCS; we accept several forms of payment, including Alaska Medicaid and Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield. If you are unsure what your insurance covers, it is best to contact them using the number on the back of your card. LCS; will do our best to work with you and your insurance carrier to ensure you can receive services with little out-of-pocket expense. 


If you do not have insurance self-pay is made convenient in the patient portal. Negotiated self-pay rates (with limitations) are available. 


Lillac Counseling Services, LLC is a teaching practice. Graduate-level student counselors work with licensed mental health counselors to provide services while completing their degrees. With client consent, students observe licensed counselors in sessions and co-treat clients in individual, family, and group sessions. As students progress in their studies and experience, they take the lead in providing client services with clinical oversight. 


As a teaching practice, LCS; provides student counselors with opportunities to develop their skills, complete their practicum and internship hours required for graduation, and give them experience with telemental health. Potential student counselors participate in a rigorous vetting process. In addition to demonstrating excellence in the classroom, providing references, and participating in a thorough interview process, we require counselors to align with the values this agency and its founder hold in high regard. 


Counselors at LCS; demonstrate unconditional positive regard, as evidenced by meeting clients where they are at on their healing journey. Furthermore, clients are not judged by their past, or present situations, motivation for change, or barriers to treatment. If LCS; is unable to provide necessary services or work with existing barriers, our staff will provide recommendations or referrals. 


Counselors at LCS; provide accessible, person-centered services. They actively include clients as part of the treatment team. Student counselors also take an active role in their learning plan by participating in supervision with their LCS; licensed supervisor and their school faculty. 


Counselors at LCS; are culturally aware and willing to grow personally and professionally. Staff show respect and work with individuals from all backgrounds. At LCS; we recognize that all people are different and also share similarities. We acknowledge our limitations in understanding others and demonstrate a willingness to gain a better understanding of our clients and their cultures. 

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