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Lynsey Lord, B.S.

 A portrait of a woman with a slight smile, featuring shoulder-length dark hair with subtle red highlights, in front of a blurred wooden background.

Lynsey is a graduate student at Capella University and is working towards earning her Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. New to the counseling field, she has worked as a professional hairdresser in the Mat-Su Valley Alaska area for 18 years. During her time as a stylist, Lynsey has managed salons, owned a business, and instructed Beauty School Students. Lynsey’s education and training requirements include accruing 100 clinical and non-clinical practicum hours followed by 600 hours during the final stage of her degree program. Currently, she is observing sessions and participating in experiential learning activities and co-treating.

Having fully embraced the counseling business, Lynsey has a fantastic ability to be intentional in her work. She is exploring an array of different theories and interventions as she develops her counseling style. She strives to use what works best for each client!

Lynsey has a passion for providing her community with a safe place full of empathy that supports those experiencing mental health issues. Her professional goals include regular continued education and training and owning her own practice.  Recently married, Lynsey spends a lot of time adventuring in Alaska with her husband. 

“Alaska is full of magic and wonder, I plan to find every ounce of it I can!” ~Lynsey Lord

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