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Darrian Jamison, B.S.

A smiling man with a short beard and mustache, featuring short-cropped hair, is wearing a purple sweater.

Darrian is a Walden University graduate student working toward his Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. While new to the field as a counselor, Darrian is not new to the mental health field. He has worked as a case manager at a community mental health facility, a milieu specialist at an inpatient facility, and is currently a telephonic crisis counselor for a private company. Darrian's education and training requirements include accruing 100 clinical and non-clinical practicum hours, followed by 600 hours during the internship stage of his program. Currently, Darrian is observing sessions, participating in experiential learning activities, and co-treating.


While still exploring the array of theories and interventions in the counseling field, Darrian is building a foundation upon the holistic approach of Adlerian theory and unconditional positive regard for every client. Darrian works to help people recognize their strengths and gain confidence in their ability to succeed.


Darrian has a passion for increasing the availability and accessibility of mental health services and ensuring each client has a safe and supportive space. It is Darrian's goal to pursue continuing education and training with a special focus on trauma and the LGBTQ+ community. Darrian joins us from Indiana, where he spends time riding horses on his farm, camping with his wife and children, and coaching his daughter's softball team.

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